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Home of the Angelic Chinchilla Silvers & Dark Blue Eyed White Persians. My name is Caroline Norman, Family of 9. The Lord Jesus has blessed me with 7 beautiful children and I now have 6 grandchildren.


We've been specializing in the beautiful chinchilla's silver Persians and white Persians for over 30 years now. Working with Awesome bloodlines with Grand Champion and Regional winning CATS, striving to get show cats out of each baby.  Our cats live in our home getting the best of the best, first Love, grooming everyday, organic diet, spring water and vitamins.


All of our adult breeders have had all of their shots, testing done on every feline disease, and are in the best health. We are a PKD negative Cattery. We spend a lot of time socializing with our babies as soon as they're born we hold them daily.

Having the best personalities before leaving.  We are a small CFA cattery, only working on quality not quantity, the lines were working with is Ultamint, Sunnybeach, Aritzia, Chantarabe's, Myaticstar in our chinchilla silvers, in our Whites, Revillion, Southpaw, Bolo, and Barmont, Cattrax, Spellbound. We only sell to non- cageless catteries, most of our babies go into pet homes for our babies well being.

Our goal here is to produce the Lovely Angelic Chinchilla Silver Persians & White Persians with small ears, short-cobby bodys, expressive eyes beautiful eye color with a very special Angelic look. I Thank you for visiting AngelicalPaw Persian, visit us again to see new updates on babies. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you in his loving arms.

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